Joint Filler for Concrete Floors

Preserve your investments with concrete joint filler. Joint filler prevents failure in concrete causing costly repairs down the line. When done properly, it requires minimal maintenance, protects the concrete infrastructure, and provides enhanced workplace safety.

Our Maintenance/Assurance Program

Your concrete infrastructure represents a significant investment for your company. You don’t want to leave that investment to chance. Concrete, whether flooring or other structures, must be maintained periodically to preserve its beauty and function.

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Joint Filler

It is crucial to regularly maintain and upkeep joint sealants, as unfilled or improperly filled joints spall, break and fail, leading to costly repairs. Joint filler is an important component to protecting and preserving the longevity of your concrete floors.

Why Invest in Joint Filler Repair

  • There is Minimal Maintenance
  • Offers Infrastructure Protection
  • Provides Workplace Safety

Industrial Caulk & Seal is the preferred applicator for industrial and commercial concrete joint filler work in the construction industry.

Large logistics warehousing and distribution has become a niche market for ICS as they allow property owners to improve and protect their investments. After completing hundreds of big-box retail stores (e.g., Wal-Mart, Costco, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowes), ICS is an industry leader in big-box retail flooring systems. 

Whether a specific product or solution is required, ICS has the experience to solve any concrete flooring challenge. The joint filler and sealant specifications of today are not the caulk specifications of yesterday. ICS has consistently progressed with the concrete industry, remaining relevant and capable to answer to all joint filler and sealant needs. ICS is setting the industry standard among this category.

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We want to show you our range of concrete services, including our comprehensive maintenance packages. Talk to one of our specialists!

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Completed Projects:

Freshwave Vineland, NJ

Another successfully completed Joint Filler project. Make sure that the joints are installed correctly by calling ICS.

Building 24 & 25 Richmond, VA

ICS is well versed in joint fillers and is recognized as a professional in this field. Get it done right the first time with ICS.

Project Liger Baltimore, MD

When the client has 1.6 million+ square feet of joints that need filled, they know to call ICS to have it done RIGHT the first time!

Client Testimonials

"We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and courtesy shown to us by our trade partner ICS on the Project for Children’s National. The field staff kept us informed with of the progress and constrains constantly. I found them to be very positive in their attitude toward our jobsite challenges. The work was completed with quality and on time. I would highly recommend ICS. "

– Edgar Almonte - Suffolk Construction

"We’ve developed a great partnership with Indus trial Caulk and Seal and their dedication to the success of Mowery projects. Their timeliness, competitive pricing, and safety standards are second to none. We appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to delivering a quality service in both pre-construction and construction activities. We deeply value our rich history with Industrial Caulk and Seal, and we look forward to continuing this great partnership for many years to come."

– Seth Hughes - Mowery

"I have done several projects with Industrial Caulk & Seal for a very large warehouse space. They stay in contact with you throughout the project and the workmanship is perfect. They are always on schedule or complete the work before the finish date. When the job is completed the area is cleaned. It is a pleasure doing business with the Management and Crew of Industrial Caulk & Seal."

– John Hudson - Winstanley Construction Management

"ICS has caulked tens of thousands of feet of concrete floors for DRK & Associates, Inc. The work has always been completed professionally and compliant with difficult time restraints"

– Dan Kuhar - DRK & Associates, Inc.

"It was clear from my first conversation with David that he knew more about concrete and concrete finishing than any person I had ever worked with. My Owner felt the same way and we hired ICS to polish the slab of a 50,000 square foot machine center along with sealing control joints. They completed the project on time and did so working in a safe methodical manner. I have used ICS countless times since. I also call on David and ICS anytime I have a problem concerning concrete and concrete coatings. They know the products, the pros and cons and provide me with all the options. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend ICS."

– David Rudloff - G1 Management

Is There A Service We Can Help You With?

We want to show you our range of concrete services, including our comprehensive maintenance packages. Talk to one of our specialists!

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